What's The Catch?

This Young Traveller Cash Passport sounds too good to be true, right? Well, it's not. There really aren't any catches.

See for yourself...

Fees: How Much? The Explanation
Paying using the Card FREE There are no charges from us when paying using the card. Some merchants may charge a fee
Cash Machine withdrawals FREE Want to withdraw money from a Cash Machine? There'll be no charge from us. Some merchants may charge a fee
Customer service FREE There’s even a free phone number that's open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year - if you call from a landline. Calls from mobiles may be charged
Replacement Card FREE Completely free service
Emergency Cash FREE Completely free service
Back-up Card FREE Available at time of initial order only
Mobile App FREE Free to download and use
Initial Card Fee £10 This is a one-off fee
Top Up Fee 2% Charged only when you top up in GBP. Like a commission fee
Inactivity Fee £2 per month Only charged after a 12 month period of you not using your Card. If you don't have a remaining balance on your card, there will be no fee
Foreign Exchange Fee 5.75% This fee is only charged if using your Card for a currency not on your Card or not enough balance in local currency
Currency Transfer Fee - between Wallets

Foreign exchange rate applies, varies each day

Charged when transferring between wallets%

Shortfall Fee


This is only charged if a payment takes you below zero
Cash over the Counter Fee £4 Charged when withdrawing cash from a bank (for example). They may charge an additional fee


 There are limits to be aware of when using the Young Traveller Cash Passport. These can be seen below...

Limits Amount
Minimum amount you can top up £30
Maximum amount you can withdraw over the counter, i.e. at a bank £150
Maximum amount you can withdraw from a cash machine (within a 24 hour period) £500
Maximum amount you can spend (within a 24 hour period) £3,000
The maximum balance you can have on your Card at any one time, across all currencies £5,000

Maximum amount you can top up per year (in a 12 month period) across all prepaid Cards issued to you by us, across all currencies

Maximum number of active accounts at any one time 1