Using Your Card

Multi-currency Cash Passport

Once you’ve bought your Card, it can be up and running in three easy steps;


Step 1

Sign the back of your Card

Step 2


Your Card it is already activated, and your PIN was provided with the Card. Remember your PIN, it cannot be changed

Step 3

Create your online account to view your Card balance(s), move money between Currencies and check your transactions


That's it. You're ready to travel and spend with your new Multi-currency Cash Passport Prepaid MasterCard®

How do I? Can I?


In Store



Reload my Card

Yes, at participating US branches of the Purchase Location



Move money from one Currency to another




Get a PIN reminder




Check my balance




Get back the money I haven't spent (balance refund)

Yes, at participating US branches of the Purchase Location



Report that my Card is lost/stolen/damaged

   Please call Card Services immediately on (877) 465-0085**

*  This will be the total balance of all your Currencies only

** Click here for alternative numbers

Registering in My Account

You'll need to register your Card on the 'My Account' page, after which you can view your Card balance(s), move money between Currencies and check your transactions.

Click this link for 'My Account', select 'New Registration' and simply follow the instructions on the screen.

You will need to enter the last 4 digits of your Card number every time you log into ‘My Account’.

Here for the long haul

Your Card isn’t just for one trip; it is reusable (up to the expiration date shown on the Card) - simply reload it before your next trip***.

For the first 6 months from the date you last bought something, made a withdrawal at an ATM or added money to your Card, there are no fees for not using your Card.

If you have not had any activity on your Card (such as buying something, making a withdrawal or reloading) for 6 months or longer, then you may incur an inactivity fee. Please see the Fees and Limits tables in the Welcome Booklet.

*** Subject to Card fees, limits and restrictions. See Cardholder Agreement for complete terms and conditions. Reload your Card at any US branch of the Purchase Location.

Keeping you on track

If you have a problem using your Card, here are the things you should check first.

  1. Check that you have enough money on the Card for the purchase or withdrawal you wish to make 
  2. Check that you are using the correct PIN. If you have forgotten your PIN, you can retrieve it by calling Card Services and selecting the PIN option - call toll-free (877) 465-0085 in the US. See the Contact Us section for alternative numbers 
  3. Check that the merchant you are purchasing from accepts Debit MasterCard, Maestro, or Accel™ cards
  4. Your Card has maximum limits on how much you can withdraw or spend. For example, you cannot withdraw more than 1,000 USD from ATMs in a 24-hour period. Please see the Fees and Limits tables for other limitations. Additionally, some merchants and ATMs may have their own limits 

If none of the above applies to or resolves your query, then please review the Frequently Asked Questions section. Alternatively, call Card Services at (877) 465-0085 from the US; see the Contact Us section for alternative numbers.