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Smart, Convenient, Reloadable

Join the growing number of travelers around the world who are choosing the Multi-currency Cash Passport Prepaid MasterCard as the smart and convenient way to carry their travel money.


Multi-currency Cash Passport Prepaid MasterCard is a prepaid travel money card, which means that you load travel money onto the Card before you travel. Exchange rates are locked in when you load or reload the Card, so you always know your budget when you're travelling.

Combining the security of travelers' cheques with the convenience of credit or debit cards, the Multi-currency Cash Passport Prepaid MasterCard really is the better way to manage your travel money. 

Your Card is smart

Your Card can carry multiple Currencies every time you travel and always knows which Currency to use.

Here for the long haul

Your Card isn’t just for one trip; you can use it again and again (up to the expiry date shown on the Card) and simply top it up when you next go travelling#. You can keep your Card free of charge* for 12 months from the date you last bought something, made a withdrawal at a cash machine or added money to your Card.

#Subject to card limits

While this feature is available for free, certain other transaction fees and costs, terms and conditions are associated with the use of this Card. See Cardholder Agreement for more details.

Our Cardholders Enjoy

  • Multiple Currencies on one Card - load it with US Dollars, British Pounds Sterling, Euros, Canadian Dollars, Australian Dollars, Japanese Yen and/or Mexican Pesos
  • Chip and PIN protection, with no link to your personal bank account
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