Top up methods

Top up methods

1. Online

To top up using your UK Debit or Credit card, click here:

Top up your card

Please note online reload limits (across all currencies on the card):

  • In one day: £5,000
  • Within 7 days: £15,000
  • Within 60 days: £30,000

The online reload limits are subject to the total Card Fund balance (including all currencies) not exceeding £5,000 at any one time. Online reloads will be credited to your Cash Passport immediately.  


2. Bank transfer (via phone or internet banking)

To top up via internet or telephone banking, this is what you need to do:

  • Ensure you have registered your email address with us in the secure 'My Account' area on this website.
  • In ‘My Account’, set the Currency that you would like to top up as your default Currency; this is where we will allocate your money. You can only reload one Currency per bank transfer.
  • Then you can either phone your bank or log into your bank account via your bank’s website and create a new payee to make a GBP payment.

Please use the following details:

  • Bank details Beneficiary/Payee: Mastercard Prepaid
  • Sort code: 20-32-53
  • Account number: 63807568
  • Reference: Your 16 digit Multi-currency Cash Passport card number (on the front of Card)
  • Amount: Please ensure that the amount you load on your Card is within the allowed Card limits.

You may reload a maximum of £5,000 per day (across all Currencies on the Card) via a bank transfer, but your total Card Fund balance at any one time (including all Currencies) may not exceed £5,000.

It may take up to 5 working days for your bank to transfer the funds to us, however, be assured that we will load the funds onto your Cash Passport within 24 hours of receiving them. We will send you confirmation via email that your reload has been successful.

Remember to set/change your preferred default Currency in ‘My Account’ before transferring your money to us. Payments made in GBP will be converted to the relevant default Currency, which will be set as GBP until changed. You will find the rate we used on your reload confirmation.


3. Via the mobile app

Download our handy mobile app and reload on the go. Please note, mobile app reload limits (across all Currencies on the Card):

  • In one day: £2,500

Mobile App reload limit is subject to your total Card Fund balance at any one time (including all Currencies) not exceeding £5,000. Mobile app reloads will be credited to your account immediately. Please note only 1 reload is permitted per day.

Download our handy mobile app here:

App Store

Android app on Google Play



4. Over the phone

Simply call Card Services on +44 207 649 9404 and you can pay directly from your UK issued debit or credit card.

Please note, telephone reload limits (across all Currencies on the Card):

  • In one day: £750
  • Within 60 days: £1,500

Telephone reloads will be credited to your account immediately.

For example, if you reload £750 onto your Card in one day, you may then only load a further £750 within 60 days. The telephone reload limits are subject to the total Card Fund balance already on the Card at the time of the reload, as your total Card Fund balance (including all Currencies) may not exceed £5,000 at any one time.


5. In Branch

Just take your Cash Passport and a valid photo ID to any participating branch of the business you bought your card from and they will top it up for you. Payments will only be accepted from the primary cardholder. 

  • Click here for a list of Eurochange store locations.
  • Click here for a list of Tesco store locations.


Things to remember when reloading:

  • For your security, from time to time, the total number of reloads you can make in 24 hours across the online, mobile app and phone channels may be restricted. If you have successfully reloaded via one of these channels you may need to wait 24 hours before reloading again, unless you reload via bank transfer or in branch (where available). 
  • We can only accept payment from the registered Cash Passport cardholder
  • We cannot accept reloads from third parties
  • Reloads will only be processed and accepted if the name and UK registered address of the payment card matches the name and address on your Cash Passport account. To update your details please contact Card Services.
  • Please note that a 2% commission will be charged for loading or reloading into your GBP Currency on your Cash Passport.
  • If you top up your Euro, US Dollar, Australian Dollar, Canadian Dollar, New Zealand Dollar or South African Rand, Turkish Lira, Swiss Franc and Emirati Dirham Currencies, we will convert your GBP payment into the relevant Currency before applying it to your Card.