Buy / Reload Cash Passport - Participating Locations

Obtaining your Multi-currency Cash Passport is easy. Just visit any participating branch of the below and bring along the following:

  1. Your valid passport
  2. Your travel documents
  3. Proof of residence
  4. A completed application form (available in branch) and
  5. A payment method to load the Card

To reload, you will be asked to present your Multi-currency Cash Passport, a form of payment, a valid identity document, a valid passport, proof of residence and travel.

Multi-currency Cash Passport

If you purchased your Card from FNB, you can contact the FNB call centre on 08601FOREX
whilst in South Africa, or on +27 11 352 56 06 whilst abroad, to top up your Card over the phone.

Single Currency Cash Passport

You can buy Single Currency Cash Passport in South Africa from participating branches of:

  • ACE Currency Exchange (Pty) Ltd 
  • Travelex Retail Foreign Exchange (FX Africa)

You can reload your Single Currency Cash Passport at any participating branch of the location where you purchased your Card.