Single Currency USD Cardholder

Dear State Bank Customer,

We are delighted to inform you that we have launched the State Bank Multi-currency Foreign Travel card - a new way to travel, which gives you the ability to carry multiple currencies on one card.

Being an esteemed customer, we have automatically upgraded your single currency State Bank Foreign Travel Card to multi-currency Foreign Travel Card. Now enjoy the convenience of carrying multiple currency in single Card i.e., your existing card can be loaded with additional 3 currencies GBP, EURO & SGD for your overseas travel need.

Please note, there are no changes in the Fees and Charges, agreed at the time of issuance, after the upgrade. However, for the fees and charges applicable to another currency please visit our website

Following are some of the key benefits that you can enjoy with your enhanced Multi Currency Foreign Travel Card:

  • Travel across the globe with a single card, no need to buy multiple Cards, while visiting multiple countries.
  • The card can be loaded with multiple currencies from your nearest State Bank Foreign Travel Card issuing branch. Currently, only 3 additional currencies can be loaded on the card viz. GBP, EURO & SGD. (More currencies will be available for loading as and when they are added).
  • You can continue to use the funds available on your existing card to shop in store or online, or to withdraw funds from an ATM, in the same way as your Single currency Card.
  • Further, the Card is multi-wallet smart card, which can utilise the overall cumulative balances across the currencies, to enable you to perform the transactions smoothly i.e. In case there are insufficient funds in a particular Currency, then the payment of the transaction will be automatically processed using the available balances in other Currencies in the following order of priority: USD, GBP, EURO and SGD. 
  • You can also use your Card at participating merchants for partial payments, if the available balance on your Card is not sufficient for the transaction.

For loading additional currencies on the Card you may visit the nearest State Bank FTC issuing branch for loading additional currencies on the card.

Alternatively, if you do not wish to avail this new Card, you can also opt for refund (cash out) of the available amount on your existing Card at your nearest State Bank FTC issuing branch.No refund fee will be charged by the Bank and the available foreign currency amount will be converted into INR as per the Foreign exchange rate of the Bank applicable for that day

For knowing balance on your Card, Simply go to ‘My Account’ at, register your State Bank Multi Currency Foreign Travel Card (if not registered) and you’ll be able to see your balance and your recent transactions. Alternatively, you can call Card Services to use the automated balance enquiry service 'My Account' is an online Card management area where, once you have registered your Card, you can check your balance and review your transaction history. Visit ‘My Account’ to check your available funds.

Please visit for more information on the product feature and how to use your State Bank Multi-Currency Foreign Travel Card to travel the world in a convenient way.

Happy Travelling!

Warm regards,
Team Foreign Travel Cards