Using Your Card

We know you're busy planning your trip and with a few easy steps your Card can be up and running.


Step 1 Sign the back of your Card
Step 2 Memorize your PIN
Step 3 Register your Card on ‘My Account’ here


That's it. You're ready to travel and spend!

How do I? Can I?

 OnlinePhoneParticipating BranchMobile App
Reload my Card No No Yes No
Move money from one Currency to another Yes, through ‘My Account Yes No Yes
Get a PIN reminder No Yes No No
Check my balance Yes, through ‘My Account Yes (this will be the total balance of all your Currencies only) No Yes
Get back the money I haven't spent (cash out) No No Yes No
Tell you my Card is lost, stolen or damaged Please call Card Services straight away.


Here for the long haul

Your Card isn't just for one trip; you can use it again and again (up to the expiry date shown on the Card) and simply top it up when you next go travelling#. Please note, it is a Reserve Bank of Malawi requirement that all unused foreign currency is offered for sale, to an authorised dealer bank, within 14 days of returning to Malawi. We recommend you wait until 10 days after your last transaction before cashing out any unused currency, in order to avoid overspending on your Card. You can withdraw the balance remaining on your Card at ATMs worldwide1, displaying the Mastercard Acceptance Mark.

Alternatively, you can take your Card back to the branch where you bought it and they’ll refund the balance (minus any applicable fees, see the Fees and Limits section). Even with a zero balance, your Card is still valid until the date printed on the front, and you can reload it for your next trip##.

1 There may be some countries where usage of the Card is prohibited. A list of prohibited countries can be found here.
# Subject to Card limits.
## Until the Card expires and subject to reload limits (see the Fees and Limits section).

Keeping you on track

If you have a problem using your Card, here are the things to check first.

  1. Check that you have enough money on the Card for the purchase you wish to make.
  2. Check that you are using the correct PIN. The Frequently Asked Questions section advises you how to get a PIN reminder.
  3. Check that the merchant you are purchasing from accepts Mastercard®.
  4. Your Card has maximum limits on how much you can withdraw or spend, for example a maximum 24 hour amount that you can spend in a shop. These limits are shown in the fees and limits table. In addition, some ATMs may have their own limits.

If none of the above applies, or resolves your query, then it's worth reviewing the Frequently Asked Questions on this website.

See Frequently Asked Questions