These fees and limits can change. You can find out more in your terms and conditions that were sent to you electronically. This table shows how much you pay for different Multi-currency Cash Passport™ services.

Description Fee

Setting up your Card 


Top-up fee for loads and reloads into GBP Currency funds (also known as reload fee)


Top-up fee for loads and reloads converted into all other Currencies (also known as reload fee)


Using a cash machine^ (some cash machine operators charge an extra fee)


Paying in shops, restaurants, hotels and online^n(some merchants may charge an extra fee)


Withdrawing cash over the counter in a bank


Additional Card FREE

Cashing out (except in an emergency)

Shortfall fee


Replacement Card FREE

Transferring money from one Currency to another is subject to an exchange rate determined by us and communicated to you at the time of transfer


Not using your Card for a long time+ (if you don't use your Card for 12 months, this fee (also known as inactivity fee), will be taken off your balance each month)

Foreign exchange margin 5.75%

^ Merchant transactions and cash machine withdrawals in a Currency other than a Currency available on the Card will be exchanged to a Currency on the Card at an exchange rate determined by MasterCard® on the day the transaction is processed, increased by 5.75% (the foreign exchange fee).

+ If, following the debit of any monthly inactivity fee, the Card Fund balance is less than the fee, we will waive the difference.


This table shows the limits on using your Card. The limits are given in GBP, but they include all the Currencies loaded on to the Card.


Description Limit

Maximum total balance at any one time (including all Currencies)


Maximum load and reload over 12 months (the most you can load onto all prepaid Cards issued to you by us during any 12 month period, including all Currencies)


Minimum load and reload

Withdrawing cash from cash machines (some operators may set their own limits) £500 per 24hrs
Withdrawing cash over the counter in a bank £150

Spending money in shops, restaurants etc.

(some merchants may set their own limits)

£3000 per 24hrs
Maximum number of Additional Cards 1
Card lifetime See Card for expiry date
Maximum number of tries when entering your PIN Three in each 24-hour period
Maximum number of active accounts at any one time 1


1 The amount that can be loaded/reloaded will vary depending on which channel you choose, i.e. online, telephone or internet banking.