Travel Tips

Cash Machines - Some cash machines may charge a withdrawal fee, in addition to any fee associated with your Card.


It's best to be prepared - save the Card Services phone number for the country (or countries) you are travelling to, in your mobile phone. This makes it easier to phone Card Services to check your balance or for other assistance.


Please note, calls from mobiles are not free of charge, and hotels may also charge for calls to free phone numbers.

Things you should do with your Card:

  • Buy lovely things for yourself, friends and family - in shops and online.
  • Pay for meals and trips out.
  • Get withdrawals from cash machines. 
  • Pay in local currency. When you’re on your travels you may get the choice of paying in a different currency than the local currency. By choosing to pay in the local currency, you may avoid an extra foreign exchange conversion at additional cost to you. Remember that if the local currency is not one of the Currencies on your Card, or you do not have enough funds in the local Currency on your Card, the amount or balance will be taken from another Currency on your Card, in the following order of priority: GBP, EUR, USD, AUD, CAD, NZD, ZAR, TRY, CHF and AED, at an exchange rate determined by Mastercard® on the day the transaction is processed, increased by a foreign exchange fee (see the Fees and Limits section for more details).

Things you shouldn't do with your Card:

Whilst your Card is really adaptable, it’s not suitable for everything. You shouldn’t use your Card as a deposit with car hire companies, hotels or cruise lines. This is because they will estimate the final bill and will require a sum of money to be reserved on your Card to cover this. You will not be able to spend the reserved amount for some time.

Global Assistance

If you lose your Multi-Currency Cash Passport or it is stolen or damaged, please call the Card Services team immediately, so they can block your Multi-Currency Cash Passport and arrange for emergency cash (up to the available balance on your Card and subject to availability in the relevant location), to keep your holiday on track.