Using Your Card


  • 7 currencies, 1 card
  • Locked in foreign exchange rates
  • Secure prepaid travel money card
  • Access your money overseas


We know you're busy planning your trip and with 3 easy steps your Card can be up and running.


Step 1

Buy your Card online here

Buy your Card in a branch

Step 2

Sign the back of your Card

Sign the back of your Card

Step 3

Phone the number on the sticker on your Card to activate it and receive your PIN

Peel back the tab on your Card Carrier to reveal your PIN


That's it. You're ready to travel and spend!


Log in to your online account.
In 'My Account' you can view your balance, move money between Currencies and check your transactions.
Create your online account.
In 'My Account' you can view your balance, move money between Currencies and check your transactions.

How do I? Can I?


In Branch



Top up my Card (also known as reload)

Yes (If the Card was bought in a branch)

Yes (click here for information)

Click here for information

Move money from one Currency to another


Yes, via 'My Account'


Get a PIN reminder




Check my balance


Yes, via 'My Account'

Yes (however this will be the total balance of all your Currencies)

Get back the money I haven't spent (cash out)

Yes (If the Card was bought in a branch)



Tell you my Card is lost/stolen/damaged

Please call Card Services straight away. Click here for Card Services contact numbers

Your essential travel accessory

Your Multi-currency Cash Passport is the best prepaid travel Card around! It gives you security and convenience when carrying your travel money abroad. You can use it at millions of cash machines, shops and restaurants worldwide, as well as online, wherever you see the MasterCard® Acceptance Mark.

  • Withdraw local currency at 2.1 million cash machines worldwide
  • Welcomed online and at over 35.9 million locations worldwide, with no transaction fee*
  • Simply buy, top up or move money on your Card before you travel and your money is with you whenever you need it
  • Your Card is valid up to the expiry date shown on the Card, so it's worth keeping it topped up ready for the next time you go abroad.  

You can hold multiple Currencies on a single Card - British Pounds Sterling, Euros, US Dollars, Australian Dollars, Canadian Dollars, New Zealand Dollars and South African Rand, in whatever proportion is right for you. And whenever you want to move travel money between Currencies or check your balance, simply head to 'My Account'.

With so many benefits, your Multi-currency Cash Passport could be the ideal way to manage all your travel spending.

*Some merchants or cash machine operators may charge a fee or set their own transaction limits. Please confirm whether any fees or limits apply before making a purchase or withdrawal.

Here for the long haul

Your Card isn't just for one trip; you can use it again and again (up to the expiry date shown on the Card) and simply top it up when you next go travelling, making this a long-term solution to getting the best rates for holiday money**.

You can keep your Card free of charge for 12 months from the date you last bought something, made a withdrawal at a cash machine or added money to your Card.

If you have not had some activity on your Card (such as buying something, making a withdrawal or topping up) for 12 months or longer, then you may incur a fee. This is shown in the fees and limits table.

** Subject to Card limits.

Keeping you on track

If you have a problem using your Card, here are the things you should check first.

  • If you bought your Card online, you need to activate it before it will work. Your Card will have a sticker with instructions about how to do this
  • Do you have enough money on the Card for your purchase?
  • Are you using the correct PIN? The 'How do I? Can I?' section lets you know how to get a reminder
  • Does the merchant that you are purchasing from accept MasterCard®?
  • Your Card has maximum limits on how much you can withdraw or spend, for example a maximum daily amount that you can spend in a shop. These limits are shown in the fees and limits table. In addition, some cash machines may have their own limits

If you still have problems using your Card, check the FAQ section for more help and advise.